Friday, April 21, 2017

Proactively increase the max site storage quota

With this post I would like to show you my way of proactively increasing the site storage quota. My task was to eliminate the need of users to request site storage quota increase. I wrote a small PowerShell script which you can download from here

The script will check the current site size, compared it with the max site storage quota assigned and if the current occupied storage is over 80% the site is a potential candidate for increase the max site storage quota. Of course you can change this value to whatever it is suitable for you. You will be able also the see the assigned quota template, if you have custom quota created or it will be shown as "No Template Applied". That means that "Individual" quota has been assigned, but you will still need to increase the assigned max storage size. The Read/Only sites are displayed in the report only if the warning quota is reached, in my case the warning quota is 1024MB, so you have to switch back to Write/Read before you change the quota. Inside the script if it is necessary you can change the warning quota limit (please read the hints/comments inside the script). 

The output looks like:

The output will be stored in a file and this file will be sent via email. Please check the settings in the script to understand to whom to send the report. Reports older than 2 days will be removed from the folder.

So give it a try and let me know if it works or not.


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