Monday, December 8, 2014

SharePoint 2013 Distributed Cache service update!

Maybe most of you want to update / updated or don't know that you could update SharePoint 2013 Distributed Cache Service.
First of all I need to say that you have to be very careful with Distributed Cache Service in SharePoint 2013!!!

I strongly recommend to read the Wictor Wilen SharePoint Blog carefully!!

I used the aforementioned procedure for several production environments and I could say it is working.

BUT there is only one exception when you are trying to update Distributed Cache in Cache cluster scenario!


There is a little exception I would like to share with you. When you gracefully stop Distributed cache.

Stop-SPDistributedCacheServiceInstance -Graceful

You will need to wait some time, so cached items are transferred to the another active node in Distributed cache cluster.

For example we have 2 servers in our Cache cluster: server1 and server2. Before we stop distributed cache service on server1 we could check the health of the cluster. Normally it should look like this:
  1. use-cachecluster
  2. get-cacheclusterhealth

Afeter Stop-SPDistributedCacheServiceInstance -Graceful you need to wait until "Unallocated named cache fractions" are transferred to server2, in our case.

You have to execute several time Get-CacheClusterHealth until Unallocated named cache fractions "disappear"

When you get the following:

You are ready to patch/update you distributed cache service.

In case you follow these additional steps you would be able to update your Distributed Cache Service without any issues/problems.

Feel free to contact me in case you need more help / information.


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