Friday, April 8, 2016

[HOW TO] remove Newsfeed, Onedrive and Sites from navigation bar

I'm writing this post because it was curious for me when I have to remove Newsfeed, Onedrive and Sites from SharePoint 2013 on-premises suite bar. The task was users should be able to see these buttons/links in the suite bar.
What I'm talking about:

Googling this question I was offered to use SharePoint Designer and to change the master page. Even there were also conclusion like "There is NO Out Of the Box solution" for this one.

But I doubt and managed to find one to remove these links from the suite bar :) You have to remove all users from "Permissions for User Profile Synchronization Service Proxy"or to put only these users which will be able to see suite bar

Usually here you will see "Authenticated Users", that means all AD users will see the suite bar.
I remove them and put only my account. So from now on ONLY me can see the suite bar links.
You have to go to "Central Admin -> Manage User Profile Synchronization Service -> Manage User Permissions" under People section of User Profile Service will take you the screen above.

Hope you will find this post helpful, if so please share it!


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