Friday, March 27, 2015

Could not create sub sites even with full control permissions SP2013

Few days ago I faced very strange (to me) behavior in SharePoint 2013. User with explicit full control permissions over a site collection is unable to create a sub site. The form for creating sub site could be loaded without any problems https://<my_site>/_layouts/15/newsbweb.aspx. I entered all the necessary data and click on create button. I got the following yellow screen:

"Wow what is going on here?" was my first thought. 
I'm using non administrative account, but with full control permissions over the site collection and I can't create sub sites! My top level site collection is using a custom template and I'm using the same template for my sub site. The next step was to set the ULS log level to verbose and reproduce the issue. Inside the ULS logs I found a lot of Access Denied messages 

... strange because I was using account with explicit full control permissions over this site collection. OK  then I decided to add the account to the site collection administration group and test again - working :-) 
But this is not what I want. Removed the user from site collection administration group and continue analyzing ULS logs.
As you could see my get request to the DeviceChannels list failed. Checking  the list I found out the there no permissions over this list and my account has also no permissions over this list even the account has explicit full control permissions. I granted read permissions to my account over this list.
Unfortunately I got again the same yellow screen when trying to create a sub site with same user ... :-(
No other way I open again the ULS logs and start analyzing them. Fortunately found this one:
I went to PowerShell and check the ListID inside my site collection and guess what, this was TaxonomyHiddenList. And again no permissions over this list. Granted read permissions to my account and ... SUCCESS I'm able now to create sub sites ... yeahhhhhh :-)     

I hope this post could help you solve similar issues.

Happy SharePointing and don't forget to share this post!


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